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Today’s “littleness” are a companion of the human being. We fight against something almost everyday. Unemployment, Covid-19, solitude and isolation, hunger, illness, war, crimes and the list goes on. But there are also mesmerizing giants in the universe that capsulate the infinite problems surrounding us, and stick them to our personal being and existence. Leaving us with the feeling of both littleness and immortality?

Look at the man in my painting. Like risen straight out from a book of Charles Dickens, his raggedy clothes looks much too cold for the snowy landscape. Where is he heading? By just looking at him we know that he is carrying the world on his shoulders. Still he is only a fragment in time, a soluble essence in comparissment of the mountain and the landscape, and just maybe that’s why he is walking there? The reassurance of infinite life times and deflation of personal disbelief.

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