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A Graded Society, where “shade” is the new color!

A Graded Society, where “shade” is the new color!

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Millions of people around the world today are unemployed. It’s not because of their lack of knowledge or under-grad, for as we’ve seen, the register of skills most people possess is quite broad. No, instead the major problem is that too many are fighting over the too few opportunities. The problem in itself is man-made. It is like the spread of a disease called “cluster killing”, where everyone outside our own clusters, equally share the opportunity to fight for what is. We’re simply in war with each other!

So why can’t we just sacrifice those we know nothing of, for the greater good (to us) I mean, if they don’t excist unless we focus on them? -It’s not like anyone we know will suffer, and quite frankly, is it not their own fault if they’re too week to fight? Fitest survive, -Charles Darwin I beg!

Our cluster are inside a greater cluster, and those clusters beside our cluster within, we must dodge, them we silently, slowly strangle and threat. However, the ones outside the bigger cluster, unless as I said, focused upon -we inevitably must kill!

-Therefore, the brightest color is shade, where “bright” is “high functioning”, working from a darkness and avoiding light. However the problem of stealing opportunities or killing from a safe invisable spot, is that we’re sucking the life-force out of them whom for centuries paid our dues. When enough clusters are gone, we’re left with a too big machinery to run by ourselves. Our cluster will scatter, and each individual inside it will start fighting over the other, for we have no knowledge of anything else than stealing opportunities. All that is left is anarchy, and what happens when our society becomes divided?

-The strength of the clusters will shift, we’ll fall out of the shadows leaving the neck artery exposed and with a blow from behind, too quick and too silent to notice, we’re out of the game. We flew too close to the sun, we killed and capitated without mercy, we turned friends into foes. And, to say in honesty -there are not a single cluster out there, carrying sympathy for us bleeding to death in poverty and struggles.

It is simply a losing battle to work from the shadows, to use darkness as the brightest light, to mistrust before sharing, to build walls too high for protection of wealth, that turns into a prison when the upperhand shifts. As for Charles Darwin’s “best fitted survives”, he also told us that when a species population grows to large, they will self-suffocate, for each individual in that species still is a competitor to the air that we breathe, the food that we eat and all luxury we demand.

For any capitalist to say “fitest survive, and we’re more suitable to win, for we’re blessed with a certain gene”, is also saying “we’re not capable of survival after emptying all resources”. They simply don’t know how to work in teams for the greater good, the greater good, that keeps their workers alive!


For this story I created a poster by composing my thoughts and you can read/buy the Flash Fiction novel on Kindle that’s dealing with the same subject.

“-See here child, first the big virus came and killed millions of poor dirty people all over the globe, and then the floods came drowning more filthy poor people on continents that don’t exist today. -It was our mighty God that said ”poor people must die, because there’s not enough food for them too”. So God saved us with the help of his son, the Boogieman! -And so the trees became pink and the grass became pavements in pastel, just to separate the good and holy people from the trash God tried so hard to clean away!”

To buy the digital painting go here:

To buy the short novel, go here:

If you just want the digital composition of the artwork, copy the image above that leads to “Artpal” the gallery. Just remember that it is created with a story behind, and using it to explain something else may have a negative impact on your work!

Christine Djerf



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